Classic Rock Magazine – 100 Greatest Albums of the 70s


Classic Rock April 2016

The REAL Greatest Albums Of The 70s! PLUS Free book, CD & exclusive Iron Maiden beer mats!

The latest issue of the world’s greatest rock magazine steps into the spotlight today – and it’s a monster.

This month we look at the REAL 100 Greatest Albums Of The 1970s, from unsung classics by the likes of Queen, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and Deep Purple to lost treasures from David Bowie, Motörhead, Journey the Ramones and more. Think you know the greatest albums from the greatest musical decade of them all? Think again. (And it’s a Led Zep IV-free zone).

If that wasn’t enough, the issue comes with not one, not two, but three free gifts: a set of four exclusive Iron Maiden beer mats featuring classic album covers from ’Arry and the boys! A free paperbook book, The History Of Rock, featuring must-read writing on Jimmy Page, ZZ Top, Metallica, Genesis and more! A free CD, Top Of The Rocks, featuring the most electrifying new sounds around!

“But what’s in the issue?” we hear you ask. Will, this … for a start…

The REAL 100 Greatest Albums Of The 1970s: From AC/DC to ZZ Top, via 10cc, Styx, Ace Frehley, Legs Diamond and literally 93 more.

Queen: Foo Fighters drummer/Queen fan Taylor Hawkins sings the praises of News Of The World.