Queen + Adam Lambert interviews – 2016 tour


Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert conducted a series of interviews in London on 15 April, in support of their forthcoming tour:


Queen + Adam Lambert Utv Romania interview recorded 15/04/2016 London Interviewer: Paul Andrei Tomescu – https://youtu.be/iVKjhpy8QYc


Queen + Adam Lambert BTV Bulgaria interview 19/04/16 (recorded 15/04 London) – https://youtu.be/reh5-8uA6yk

19 April 2016


Queen of factors “Freddie” Sophia and concerts in Bulgaria

The concert of British and Adam Lambert is on June 23 in the capital

One of the greatest bands of our time – Queen, stood in front of the camera on bTV. The concert of British and Adam Lambert is on 23 June in Sofia. The legendary musicians in London met with Petya Dikova.

Q: Mr May, you were in Sofia only a month ago …

Brian: Yes, it was soon. And I know how to pronounce the name which previously did not know in the first 50 years of my life. Sofia, not Sofia. It was fantastic. It became a great concert.

Q: In the past Queen Are you planning to come to Bulgaria?

It was not possible at that time … It was our dream that only now have the opportunity to fulfill. Freddie invented name the Queen – “Queen” and as his colleagues remember, he was aware of the gay association that it causes.

The same model constantly running was as frenetic Dervis(?) on stage. Screaming lungs, she had not yet mastered his voice … But he knew what he must do to become a great singer.

Roger Taylor is included with the comment: Then we thought it was half crazy. …It was fun.

Brian and Roger say that Adam has the “Freddie factor”. And he thinks the audience wants to see authentic emotion rather than imitation.

Q: When You have tens of thousands of women, men who scream your name, ready for anything, how do you stay normal?

Brian: “I do not know whether we remain normal.” Adam: “I’ve never been normal”

Roger: “We are trying, but we’re not normal.”

Adam: “It’s part of the secret.”

The entire interview with the musicians watch this Saturday from 11:00 in the transmission COOL …