Adam Lambert’s role with Queen “written in the stars” [Brian May]


1 May 2016

Adam Lambert

Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert has revealed that he’s really glad that he chose to perform ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on ‘American Idol’ because it led him to tour the world as the frontman for legendary rock band Queen. Speaking to UNews Romania recently, the sensation admitted that he can’t believe that he is now singing with the group and he probably owes it all to that performance on ‘Idol’:

“No, I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me, ‘ok, fast forward six years from now and you’re going to be touring the world with Queen. I’m really glad I went with that song for that reason, it turned out well.”

Iconic guitarist Brian May then added that he believes they would have found Lambert even if he hadn’t performed a Queen song on ‘American Idol’: “It would have happened anyway, it was written in the stars.”

Queen + Adam Lambert Utv Romania interview recorded 15/04/2016 London Interviewer: Paul Andrei Tomescu