Check out Cata’s Queen Theatrical Concert


Seaside Rendezvous

Dave Remmers wrote:

I saw this on youtube, it’s a girl (woman) from I think the Netherlands who made a theatre rprogramme with a few Queen songs. It’s realy well done and kind of funny from time to time…

With kind regards,
Dave Remmers


A compilation of 10 video’s from the theatrical concert ‘Surrender Your Ego’. A journey through the emotional world of a character inspired by Freddie Mercury; ‘Surrender your ego, be free to yourself’ (Innuendo) (Including the songs, The Prophet, The Millionaire Waltz, Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, Mother Love, My Melancholy Blues, Seaside Rendezvous, Death on Two Legs, You Take My Breath Away, Don’t Try Suicide, Who Wants To Live Forever and Innuendo)