Roger Taylor hints at new Queen music with Brian May


Roger has told Planet Rock (he’s on tonight at 7pm) that Queen would like to make some new music!…

On November 3rd Roger Taylor popped in for a wide-ranging chat with Planet Rock’s Liz Barnes. Whilst discussing their previous output, Roger hinted that there might be more Queen music to come…


ROGER TAYLOR: If we do anything in future, I’d like it to be something new. I don’t know how new it would sound. I think if Brian and I could come up with a song or two, which we felt was sort of fitted, you know.

LIZ BARNES: Is there a likelihood of it?

ROGER: It’s quite possible. We really enjoy. We’ve just come back from the Far East, well a month ago now, and which was phenomenal. It’s great to know that there’s still a demand and we do love playing with Adam Lambert, who is an incredible singer and a great – a lovely man, doing so well. Yeah, Camp Elvis, that’s who he is.

LIZ: That’s a nice sort of teaser to leave us on, Roger. [Roger laughs] You never know, there could be something new. You heard it first here on Planet Rock.

Exclusive: Roger Taylor hints at new Queen music