World Aids Day


Young FreddieA young Freddie Mercury
Photo credit: unknown

This World AIDS Day remember, not just Freddie, but all those living with HIV and AIDS today in 2016.

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The Mercury Phoenix Trust – Fighting AIDS Worldwide

In 2015 – On World AIDS Day, Anita Dobson published a video for the “The Mercury Phoenix Trust” to support the charity “Snehalya” in India in the fight against AIDS and violence against women and children.

Anita Dobson speaks about the Mercury Phoenix Trust’s support of Indian charity Snehalya –

In 2014 – On World AIDS Day, Bono of U2 released a special message for The Mercury Phoenix Trust. In the 1 minute and 40 seconds long video, Bono spoke about the loss of Freddie Mercury, AIDS and calls for donations to The Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Queen – Bono’s Mercury Phoenix Trust Message –

Keep up the fight