Queen & Adam Lambert dicuss joining forces again for their new tour


26 January 26, 2017 3:27 PM PST

Adam Lambert and Queen rock legends Roger Taylor and Brian May sit with Access Hollywood and discuss joining forces again for their upcoming “Queen + Adam Lambert” tour. Tickets for the “Queen + Adam Lambert” tour go on sale Feb 3.

ADAM: We are definitely a family. I’m still a fan of the band as well and that’s the best part that I get to go on stage, tour with them, play songs with them, for an incredible audience everywhere we go and chance to tell the audience “Hey, guess what, I’m like you. I’m a fan.

Interviewer: You got together 2009, American Idol…

ADAM: That was the introduction.

Interviewer: Did something click… ?

ROGER: I think it did. Something did click. It was obvious Adam had, as Brian said, like a voice in a billion. And we did click. It was a … thing of beauty.

BRIAN: Yeah, it happened very ‘organically’ I think is the word. The funny thing is, we were not looking for a singer. We lost Freddie and Roger and I at that point

Roger, Adam and Brian - Access Hollywood interview