Queen music comforts victim: Westminster attack


Westminster emergency servicesPhotograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

Leslie Rhodes, the latest Westminster Bridge victim to die. The Guardian wrote a tender piece about him which included this:

Westminster attack: Leslie Rhodes ‘the nicest man you ever met’
23 March 2017 by Maev Kennedy

“Some of his neighbours had kept a bedside vigil for him at King’s College hospital., His next door neighbour Michael Carney, described him as “as nice a man as you could meet – he was just like one of my family”. “You couldn’t let someone like that die alone,” he told the Guardian. “I couldn’t get out, but my wife, Christine, and my two daughters went up there and stayed with him. He couldn’t have got better care than the hospital. They were all amazing. The doctors kept on past their shift to stay with him and the nurses were playing him Queen music when they heard he really liked them.”


“Those days are all gone now” – the lyrics played for terror victim Leslie as he slipped away
24 March 2017 by Toby Porter

Friends played Queen’s These Are the Days of Our Lives to 75-year-old terror victim Les Rhodes as doctors turned off his life support machine.

Les, from Macaulay Road, Clapham, was run down on Westminster Bridge by terrorist Khalid Masood during the attack on the House of Commons on Wednesday. The window cleaner smashed his head on the pavement as he was flung into the air by the Masood’s hired Hyundai.

Doctors at Kings College Hospital turned off his life support machine on Thursday evening. Today his next door neighbours and friends of 30 years, Michael and Chris Carney, told how they cried and played his favourite song as Les slipped away.

Chris said: “The police advised us not to go down to the hospital, but when I rang, the doctors wanted us to come down, they were waiting for us so someone was there with him. We went with our two daughters Emma and Rachel. We were trying to talk to him but we kept crying all the time while we were by his bed. The doctors got us to take his favourite music, which was Queen. We played These Are the Days of Our Lives which was his favourite song.”