Adam Lambert “Killer Queen”


Adam Lambert interview is the cover story of the current issue of Pride Life magazine (June 2017):

Pride Life - Adam Lambert cover - June 2017

PRIDELIFE June 2017 page 69
The Man Who Would Be Queen


Congrats on ticket sales so far! The show is selling out everywhere and adding dates. That’s got to feel good.

ADAM LAMBERT: “Thanks, I’m really excited to start getting ready for it – to get back into the zone, you know. This show is demanding, so it’ll be fun to get my endurance back up. I’ve done it plenty of times, but I’m the sort of person – I’m so goal-oriented and project-oriented – I really like having something like this to work toward.”

When do rehearsals start?

“June. Truthfully, we don’t need a lot of rehearsal. We know all the songs. We’ve been doing this for about five years off-and-on, so it really comes down to taking the time to do the technical rehearsals to make sure all the pieces are coming together. Lights, sound, stage, all that stuff. That’s actually going to be more complex than the actual music for us at this point.”

How different is the show going to be compared to previous tours?

“That’s a big focus for us because we’re all very excited about revamping the set, the order that we do certain songs, and the arrangements of songs. We’ll also probably dip into some songs that we haven’t done together in the past. Different classics from the Queen catalog. And also just giving everything a different visual context overall. We’re coming up with some new ideas, and the stage and set have been reworked, so it’ll be different all around.”

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