As Q+AL hit the road again, Lambert says he still has his “Pinch me” moments + New Adam Lambert single next Friday



Photo: Neal Preston


Adam Lambert has been singing with British rock legends Queen on and off since 2011, and they’ve done a number of tours together.  But as Queen + Adam Lambert kick off a new tour tonight in Phoenix, Arizona, Adam admits he still can’t believe he’s now the frontman of the same band whose song he belted out at his American Idol audition.

“I do have my ‘pinch me’ moments, yeah,” he tells ABC Radio. “Like, I’ll finish a song…and I’ll kind of think, ‘Is this my life? This is so surreal!'”

Adam says he still considers it “such an honor” that he gets to “sing these songs that Freddie” — Queen’s late, iconic frontman Freddie Mercury — “made famous and to keep his memory alive and honor him. It’s such a treat,” he adds.

So how will this summer’s tour differ from previous Queen + Adam Lambert shows?

“We’re gonna bring back all the hits we’ve been doing for the past four years together, and we’re gonna kind of work up some stuff that we have not done together before,” Adam tells ABC Radio. In addition, he says, “We’ve changed the entire production design. We’ve added a lot of bells and whistles, a lot of storytelling elements and videography. And it’s gonna be a much higher production level.”

So after spending all this time with his musical idols, what’s Adam’s favorite thing about working with them?

“They are so generous and so humble,” he gushes. “They’re completely collaborative…I always tell them, ‘You guys don’t have to be collaborative. You could tell me exactly what to do and I’d be cool with it.’ But it’s always been like a team effort, which has been really great. And they have great stories,” he adds. “Great stories.”


Adam Lambert announces new song, “Two Fux,” coming next Friday

The singer has announced that he has a brand-new single coming next Friday, called “Two Fux” — that’s spelled “F-U-X.” He’s also posted a brief clip of the song, which features him singing, “Right here, right here, right here/’N imma stay right here.” Then, a guitar part that sounds suspiciously like Queen guitarist Brian May kicks in.

It’s not clear if this is a single from an upcoming album, or just a standalone. In addition to this summer’s tour, Adam will also be touring with Queen in 2018 in February and March.