Adam Lambert interview: “This is crazy, this is my life”


Q+AL Hollywood Bowl

Adam Lambert on fronting Queen: ‘This is crazy. This is my life’
7 July 2017 by Kevin Coffey
BH News Service


Q. So what is it like standing behind the stage, ready to step out and front Queen? Do you think at all about how Freddie Mercury would do it?

A. When we first started working together, I was very intimidated by that idea. Immediately when this came together, I was honored. It was an opportunity I was never gonna pass up. But it was scary. I mean, Freddie. Over the past five years, we’ve seen that it worked and the audience loved it, and we’ve grown more connected as a band. We have a lot of fun together. The music itself has gotten into my body like it is in their bodies.

Q. So you’re more comfortable with that now? You kind of got thrown into playing with the band right away.

A. The first show that we did was in the Ukraine. It was for like a quarter of a million people. It was huge. I had nine days of rehearsal to prep for that. It was a lot to wrap your head around. But I like being challenged as an artist. I think it was good for me and it taught me a lot and it has continued to.