Q+AL Montreal Bell Centre – set list 17 July


A+AL Montreal - with Frank in the background

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Q+AL set list Montreal


Queen + Adam Lambert: coulé dans le rock
17 July 2017 by Yan Lauzon
Review and photos


Queen + Adam Lambert: sunk in the rock

Rock, Queen knows. And the legendary band once again proved it loudly on Monday night at the Bell Center, the sound of Brian May’s guitar and Roger Taylor’s drums (soon to be 70!). Supported by Adam Lambert successfully for nearly five years now, the group has revisited its popular catalogue. On the other hand, clouds of smoke and bland light games have some time deposited a little dust on this imposing rock offering.

First Communion

As it was to be suspected, Brian May ardently vibrated his guitar from the first notes of the concert which began with a short “We Will Rock You” in appetizers. It was not until fifteen minutes before the group led by Adam Lambert very energetic and in voice really managed to carry its some 12,000 admirers. It was the play “Fat Bottomed Girls” that first generated the big reactions, right after the end of “Another One Bites The Dust” that managed to untie the language of several.

The show Adam Lambert

But the show (physical) was largely that of Adam Lambert. Red hair, dressed in leather and adorned with large black square glasses, he began his performance with disconcerting ease. Very much in voice, he immediately shared his pleasure with an audience that just wanted to support it. Not afraid of comparisons and flamboyant colours, the former finalist of “American Idol” quickly praised the talent of his predecessor. “For ever, there will be only one Freddie,” he said to the crowd, raising the passions. He then took a short bike ride for a few lines of “Bicycle Race” on the extension – in the form of an electric guitar neck – of the stage.

Special mention to his vocal prowess on the latest notes of “Get Down (Make Love)” and the little freedoms he allowed himself at the end of “I Want It All”. The only downside: though enthusiastic and offering some familiarity with Queen, his new song “Two Fux” raised little enthusiasm.

In honor of Freddie

For Brian May too, it was obviously impossible not to mention the impact of Freddie Mercury on his training formed in the early 1970s. Less than an hour after he went on stage, the guitarist advanced, alone, to to dedicate the acoustic “Love Of My Life” to the late singer.

It was to an undeniably rock party that Queen invited her guests. And the banquet was well stocked. After 80 minutes and half of the programme, however, Queen had not yet appealed to her huge safe values ​​”Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Are The Champions” and “We Will Rock You” (full version). But this did not preven tthem from delivering music of high quality.

Brian May - Montreal
Photo: Journal de Montreal