Roger Taylor ft on Jayce Lewis track ‘Wrath’ and “Nemesis” reissue


In 2014 Roger Taylor performed on Jayce Lewis’ track ‘Wrath’, on the ‘Nemesis’album, released under the pseudonym name – ‘Protafield’. On 25 August ‘Nemesis’ album will be re-issued as a Special Edition Digipack and 12” Vinyl through Universal under Jayce Lewis’s own name.

“It’s an absolute honour to have Roger on this track with me. From the moment I wrote ‘Wrath’ I couldn’t imagine anyone but Roger performing on it. After hearing what he and Josh Macrae did with it, the song is fully rounded with all the energy you would expect from the person that brought us so much with Queen! Thank you forever Mr Taylor!”

Jayce Lewis is on tour with Gary Numan later this year.

Here is the Official ‘Wrath’ Lyric Video –

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