First UK Radio play ‘All Dead, All Dead’ Raw Session tomorrow


All Dead, All Dead first play


Simon Mayo has the first play of All Dead, All Dead (Raw Session version with Freddie on lead vocals) tomorrow!

Listen out from 5pm on BBC Radio 1.

Tune In! All Dead, All Dead (Raw Sessions version) with Freddie on lead vocals is to have its first radio play on BBC Radio 2 on Thursday 26th from 5pm on the Simon Mayo Drive Time Show.

News Of The World – 40th Anniversary Edition

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For many Queen devotees, the Raw Sessions CD in the 40th Anniversary Edition will be the most intriguing component of the new release. Mined deep from long-vaulted studio multi-track tapes, this extraordinary parallel album brings to light never-before-heard alternative versions of each of the album’s 11 tracks. Every lead vocal is different, as are most of the lead guitar parts and a great many other instrumental details. Here we experience We Are The Champions anew, with many unfamiliar vocal and instrumental elements, and for the first time at its full-recorded length rather than the edited 1977 album cut. Here also is the chance to discover peak era Freddie Mercury vocals on a track that nobody outside Queen’s inner circle has heard him sing before at all – Brian May’s All Dead, All Dead. The original album version features May himself on vocals. Roger Taylor’s Sheer Heart Attack can be heard with its original long-lost guitar intro and uncut ending. Taylor’s other song, Fight From The Inside, is more remarkable in that we hear his demo vocal worked on in his home studio in preparation for the next sessions, ‘homework’ that all of the band members would regularly carry out. As a point of note, Taylor plays all instruments on these two recordings, except for some lead guitar. In this age of digital leaks and obsessive fan culture, there is already great excitement that these recordings are, in 2017, truly New to the World.