Exclusive Interview: Adam Lambert – Filling in for Freddie


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Adam Lambert talks to Wort (Luxembourg) ahead of Queen gig.

7 November 2017

Concert on November 12 at Galaxie Amneville

Rock legend Queen are set to play Galaxie in Amneville on Sunday November 12 for concert organised by Luxembourg’s den Atelier. Adam Lambert, who rose to fame as a contestant on American Idol has taken over vocal responsibilities with the band for the last five years and in an exclusive interview, he took some time to tell Sam Steen about the tour and what it’s like filling in for an icon like Freddie Mercury.

Since finishing second on American Idol in 2009, Adam Lambert has sold over three million albums, a further five million singles as a solo artist and has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. That would seem like a successful career in it’s own right but going through American Idol has also given the singer from Indiana an incredibly unique opportunity that would never have happened were it not for his appearance on the show.