‘Somebody To Love’ on a busy New York Subway


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Their greatest track! Amazing moment 25 musicians belt out Queen’s Somebody To Love on a busy New York subway train
15 November 2017 by Rory Tingle For Mailonline

– Instruments used by the band include a trumpet, mandolin, bass and cymbals
– In video a number of the members even donned Halloween-themed costumes
– Performance took place on the J line, which runs across Williamsburg Bridge


This is the amazing moment an entire band broke into song on a packed New York City subway train, prompting an incredible response from passengers. The uplifting footage shows members of Apartment Sessions, a musical collective, belting out Queen’s Somebody To Love as the train flew between stops. The array of instruments featured in the group’s precise arrangement included the sax, trumpet, mandolin, bass, cymbals and banjo. READ MORE HERE

Apartment Sessions – Somebody To Love (Queen)

Somebody to Love - New York Tube