Calling all girls and boys – The Mercury Phoenix Trust 2018


‘Here’s to the future, hear the cry of youth’ (I Want It All)

MPT calling all girls and boys


It is no secret that the music of Queen and Freddie Mercury knows no boundaries in terms of age or reach across the globe, sadly that can also be said of HIV and AIDS. Armed with this knowledge we want to continue the fight and raise awareness with the next generation.

In 2018, we want the voices of the future to be rocking it as part of Freddie For a Day and all the fun that goes with it. How can we forget the fabulous video for ‘The Miracle’ with the kids playing Freddie, Brian, Roger and John? Poignant…and Fun

The Miracle - little Freddie and little Brian

The MPT has a fabulous history of working with children throughout the world, using all the good stuff; music, fashion, sport, theatre, cookery, dressing up (of course!), you name it! It’s extremely inspiring to them and us. Let’s stand by these brilliant, creative children and support them as they take up the baton and fight the good fight. It is the youth who will be carrying on the legacy after all!

This is a new generation that won’t be stopped. One that has fun, takes action and believes in the future of rock n’ roll, love, unity and togetherness and an AIDS-free world where they can live to meet their heroes or even become one.

Have you met, Alfie?

Alfie is 12 and a HUGE Freddie fan, he performed at his local Vocal School, where he won the prize imitating his hero, he even has a regular blog where he talks about what Freddie means to him and how odd it is that he ‘misses’ him, someone who he never met. We think this is pretty cool. Anyone else out there feel the same?

Alfie Thomas 12yrs doing what he loves most singing Queen songs Radio gaga more than 6mths later

So, kids, it’s over to you…blow us away! Sing a song, paint a picture, grab your buddies and get out there. ANYTHING you do is “Guaranteed to Blow Our Minds!”

Show us what you are made of!

You can participate by sending through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #callintallgirlsandboys – and we will find it.

Team MPT