Andy Poole’s Riddled With Booze Orchestra Charity Queen Concert, Chelmsford, 3 November


APRW Queen Night At The Bassment

Andy Poole’s Riddled with Booze Orchestra is an all-star charity band ranging in age from 18-60+ and built from an ever-rotating roster of brilliant musicians, based in Chelmsford, Essex, just outside of London.  

This November 3rd their challenge is to perform a 2 Hour set with just 12 Weeks rehearsal as a band, comprising  21 Songs from the greatest (and incredibly difficult to cover) Rock band ever: Queen!

With everything from Seven Seas of Rye through Don’t Stop Me Now, It’s Late to Flash and, of course, Somebody to Love and Bohemian Rhapsody, this 13 member band will be attempting full harmonies with 8 vocalists and the biggest possible noise to do justice to these awesome songs in a way that would hopefully make Freddie , Brian, Roger and John proud. 

Every penny raised from ticket sales will be going straight to the Mercury Phoenix Trust and Brian May’s Save Me Trust with some extra bits of fundraising thrown in for good measure and if enough tickets are sold, we will be adding nights to accommodate the largest possible amount of money raised!  

Andy and his band cover all the costs themselves and put in hundreds  of hours between them in order to provide the best night possible and all of them do so in their spare time, just for the joy of playing great music and seeing a few pounds go to some good causes out of a great night.  

A love of Queen’s music pervades the band for this gig and, with Brian May and Roger Taylor’s support, the pressure is on!  

APRWBO : As a band, we have been going for 6 years, most recently selling out a show playing the entirety of Abbey Road by The Beatles, and only ever play for charity. We have had over 20 different members in that time, switching in different people depending upon the gig and availability and the whims of Andy.  

The Members: Andy Poole; Tony Land; Alec Cook; Tamara Anderson; Lyz Lefay; Tersha Cutmore; Jessica Laurent; Richard Wilson; Jack Pepper; Joshua Graham; Matthew Wilkinson; Robb McGeary; Matt Poole.

Andy Poole : Comedian, Host, Writer, Vocalist and fan of Queen since the age of 5 – Andy Poole has also spent the majority of the last 20 years fundraising and promoting local culture; in particular supporting live music and live music venues. He has run for 11 years the Essex based charity awards event for local culture, The PANIC Awards and has graced comedy, festival and theatre stages all over the place. 

Bassment: This independent live music venue in Chelmsford, Essex is a little wonder – DJ’s, Bands, Comedians and all sorts have graced their underground stage and, despite tough trading conditions for all venues, they continually try to put on interesting nights and support live music and performance as much as they can.  

Date: Saturday 3rd November (Sunday 4th November is reserved as a second night if we sell enough tickets!)

Price: £10/ticket – Every penny of this is going to the two charities. 

Format : A short support act performance from a local artist followed by a two hour set (with break) from APRWBO. We aren’t aiming to “BE” Queen, since no one can, but we are aiming to do the songs right and do them justice.   


MORE INFO: Email or call 07966622609