Search for original Bicycle Race Girls


 Brazilian Film Production company (Boiler Filmes) wishes to reunite the bike girls who were in the original Queen Jazz Poster, from the original ‘Bicycle Race’ promo video, shot at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium in 1978.

About 50 models in and around their 20’s. They already have a few names but are looking to contact as many as possible for a very fun project. 

There is also U$500 for the first person who finds one of the real ladies and gets us to actually reach them.

Do you have any idea about how to get in touch with the original bikers who were at the Wembley stadium that day?  The company are using Facebook and Instagram – but it’s not easy. 

Any help is welcome: a forum where we should post the call, someone we should talk to, names of the girls on the poster…. 

If anyone can help, or if you need more details on the project, then please email

Bicycle Race - single sleeve and poster
Bicycle Race – single sleeve and poster