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Los Angeles, CA

“When it comes to capitalizing on reboot mania, Queen has done everything right.” – VARIETY

“Indeed, the latest tour makes the most of what fans liked about the film: the hit music and an almost reverent take on Mercury’s life.” – VARIETY

“For my 9-year-old, newly obsessed with Queen thanks to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” it was a perfect first-ever concert for him. For the older concertgoers around us, it was a chance to hop in the time machine and recapture a bit of joy, all these years later.” – VARIETY

“Despite Lambert’s sometimes overwhelming stage presence, there’s no denying his immense talent and star power. Alongside original members Brian May and Roger Taylor, he delivered the 30-song set Saturday night (July 20) with a dramatic flair all his own while still taking time to celebrate Mercury’s legacy.” – BILLBOARD

“The set took a particularly bad-ass turn when Lambert changed into a decked-out leather jacket and sat atop a rotating motorcycle for “Bicycle Race.” His playfulness complimented the song perfectly, and the immediate transition into “Fat Bottomed Girls” sent the audience into a frenzy.” – BILLBOARD

“The crowd almost overpowered May’s singing voice with their passion and soon the Forum was filled with cell phone flashlights. In what was an incredibly surreal moment, video footage of Mercury appeared on the screen, thanking the crowd and taking a bow.” – BILLBOARD

“Freddie Mercury is on the very shortlist of greatest rock frontman of all time. With that in mind, it makes what Lambert and Queen have pulled off over the last few years even more stunning and impressive.” – FORBES

“Lambert, who is a remarkably gifted rock frontman in his own right, the guy is a superstar rock vocalist as he showed time and again, nailed it early on at the Forum.” – FORBES

“Just as Mercury had incredible range, May showed off his versatility with an acoustic “Love Of My Life” in tribute to Mercury.” – FORBES

“The most impressive thing on a night that was spectacularly impressive on all levels was how gracefully they handled the tributes and celebration of Mercury.” – FORBES

“This was a celebration of Mercury, but it was just as much a celebration of the spirit of Queen, of the incredible talents of Lambert, May and Taylor and it felt vibrant and vital.” – FORBES

“It was a tribute to the past, but just as much as it is a reminder of the past, these are musicians at the absolute top of their game now and it is a sheer joy to watch.” – FORBES

“Typically for Queen, they pulled out all the stops in the production, with the musicians occasionally making grand entrances via hydraulics, including Lambert rising up from the stage on a motorcycle for ‘Bicycle Race’ and May following suit for his first guitar solo on ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’” – ULTIMATE CLASSIC ROCK

“The band’s current frontman, Adam Lambert, has an extravagance and energy that evokes Mercury. Lambert has the vocal range to expertly perform songs such as ‘Killer Queen,’ ‘Somebody to Love’ and ‘The Show Must Go On’ as guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor rocked alongside him.” – LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS/OC REGISTER

“Lambert’s tremendous stage presence was well-balanced by longtime band members May and Taylor who played their respective instruments in a way that showed they hadn’t lost any of their skill after 50 years of performing.” – LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS/OC REGISTER

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