Queen + Adam Lambert Rhapsody Tour UK – Reviews

Queen and Adam Lambert on stage
Credit Bojan Hohnjec

A selection of Reviews from the Q+AL tour so far… covering the UK.
Most have deservedly awarded the shows 5*/5* !!

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ATTITUDE (06.06.2022) 5*/5*
“Her namesakes stole the show at the Palace and they’re raising the roof at The O2 as they take the Rhapsody Tour around the country. We can only bow or curtsey at their brilliance.”

“A heartfelt nod to Freddie’s legacy as well as a platform for Adam’s astonishing prowess as a performer.”
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BELFAST LIVE (27.05.2022)
“They put on a show the people of the city will never forget.”
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“A night full of spectacle, high energy, nostalgia, passion, emotion and of course, rock.”

“A master-pairing that has taken the world by storm.”
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BIRMINGHAM LIVE (12.06.2022) 5*/5*
“Queen + Adam Lambert blast fans into emotional universe and beyond.”

“Who needs Elon Musk or Sir Richard Branson to blast you into space – just rock up at a Queen + Adam Lambert concert and hold on to their coat tails for the rock-it powered ride of a lifetime.”
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DAILY EXPRESS (8.06.2022)
“An explosive, special-effects laden journey through half a century of absolute bangers that totally honours the legacy of Freddie Mercury and John Deacon”

“An amazingly entertaining night from Queen and Adam Lambert. We wanted it all, we wanted it now and we got it.”
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 DAILY MAIL (02.06.2022) 5*/5*
“It’s just champion. The crowd goes Ga Ga.”

“Any way the wind blows, this was a magnificent return to the UK stage.”
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DAILY TELEGRAPH (31.05.2022). 5*/5*
“Two hours of beautiful, cast-iron belters that would keep any aficionado happy.”

“Adam Lambert…a voice that could melt a bank vault. My God, the boy sings as if this is where he was born to be.”

EON MUSIC (28.05.2022)
“It may be a cliché to refer to them as rock royalty, but with Queen, really nothing less will suffice.”

“There’s a reason why Queen are so beloved, and with Queen + Adam Lambert carrying on the legend with such fearless abandon, their legacy is in safe hands.” 
Check out our gallery from the show. All photos by Darren McLoughlin. ​
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EVENING STANDARD (06.06.2022) 4*/5*
“With so many musical crown jewels to choose from, this mammoth jubilee party was always going to be happy and glorious.”

“With typical Queen understatement, this blockbuster show was a sense-swamping banquet.”
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EXPRESS & STAR, Birmingham (13.06.2022)

“A night of the biggest and best hits of one of the greatest rock bands.”
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GLASGOW EVENING TIMES (02.06.2022) 5*/5*
“Simply Magnificent.”

“Lambert: a true showman like Freddie and entertaining throughout. Together they just work beautifully.”
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IRISH NEWS (03.06.2022)
“A hugely enjoyable celebration of one of the greatest songbooks in rock history.”

“True rock royalty – long may their reign continue.”
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MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS (31.05.2022) 5*/5*
“What a night, what a band, what a show”

“Everything you could possibly want from a rock epic. It really is an extravaganza.”

“A glorious, rocking, eye-popping feast.”
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MANCUNION, THE (3.06.22)
“I’m still processing what just happened. I saw Queen + Adam Lambert! If this is a dream, don’t pinch me; I never want to wake up.”

“One of the most majestic music experiences I have ever been blessed with.”
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“Two and a half hours of jaw dropping spectacle and euphoria.”

“Queen are arguably the most loved band on the planet right now. Seeing them live is a celebration not just of music, but of life itself.”

“Lambert…enough charisma and star power to light up whole continents.”

“Genuine legends, Queen bring people together like no-other and their music will truly live forever. 
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MUSIC NEWS (12.06.2022) 5*/5*
“I have been to hundreds of gigs but this may be my favourite of all of them. Cracking gig!!”
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ROCK ‘N’ LOAD MAGAZINE (24.05.2022)
“For any Queen fan, this will be the closest thing to a religious experience.”

“For me quite simply, Queen + Adam Lambert = My happy place.”
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THE SCOTSMAN (2.06.2022) 4*

“This romp through Queen’s greatest hits rivalled the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in terms of pagentry.”
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THE SUN (30.05.2022) 4*/5*

“Adam’s voice does the late Freddie Mercury’s vocal range proud.

“If you are a fan of the group, you’d be mad to miss out.”
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“An incredibly powerful way of keeping the memory of one of the greatest lead singers in rock history alive and celebrating the music of this revered band.”

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SUN ON SUNDAY (18.06.2022)

Sun On Sunday - It's Hats off


CONFETTI, pyrotechnics and all-out glamour graced the stage for the start of Queen’s sell-out run at London’s 02.

Frontman ADAM LAMBERT, who paid a heartfelt tribute to FREDDIE MERCURY, was beautifully extravagant in a top hat and suit. The showman performed all the favourites – including Radio Ga Ga and Bohemian Rhapsody – with gusto. Guitarist BRIAN MAY and drummer ROGER TAYLOR were on hand to give him a deserved breather by taking the mic. Roger performed a majestic These Are The Days Of Our Lives that brought a year to the eye. Freddie was remembered throughout, with video clips popping up on a huge “crown” screen in the centre of the stage. The band were worshipped by the adoring audience as they played other hits such as A Kind Of Magic and We Are The Champions. This wasn’t a covers band just marking time for a big pay day after a two-year enforced live break. It was a case of The Show Must Go On for them and their loyal fans. 
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