The Outsider Tour Live – Interviews

Roger Taylor by Steve Price
Photo: Steve Price


Did you have as good of a time on the solo tour as it sounds like on the live album?

Well, I hope it is fun to listen to the album. Obviously, I’m not the best judge, but the whole tour was really conceived to be fun. It’s not a big, ambitious stadium thing or anything like that. It was a smaller, intimate tour, and I just enjoyed being there, at the front again, which I hadn’t done in a long time. And I have such a great band, it was a joy. I enjoyed every show. I looked forward to every show, and hopefully, that comes over on this recording.

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“Lockdown was so weird, wasn’t it? I just wanted to tour it for fun, which we did, and it was great,” said Taylor over the phone earlier this week. “And then people said, ‘Well, you know, we recorded them so we might as well put them out live.’ And it was a joyous experience on the tour. It wasn’t designed to be a massive, money-making thing. It was designed just to have a little fun really,” he said. “To actually be able to see people in a room all together… During that uncertain period of lockdown, I think we were all wondering, ‘Are we ever going to have group events anymore? What’s gonna happen to concerts and festivals?’ But thanks to the wonders of science, here we are again.”

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