Freddie’s Rolls Royce Sold in Aid of Superhumans Hospital


Today in London, at Sotheby’s, Freddie Mercury’s Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1974 was sold at auction. The car was bought several years ago by Ukrainian pop singer Verka Serdyuchka (Andriy Danilko). Serdyuchka, who is a huge Queen fan, originally purchased the vehicle to help establish a Queen museum in Ukraine. The war in the region, however, changed his plans and he decided to auction Freddie’s former mode of transport and donate all proceeds to the Superhumans Center, a specialist hospital for prosthetics, reconstructive surgery, psychological support, and rehabilitation for people injured in Ukraine.

The hospital will open its doors in early spring 2023 and will serve to help Ukrainian heroes and civilians restore their lives and health.

The car was sold for £286,250. This sum will help train doctors and install the best prosthetics care available in the Superhumans Center.

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