‘Queen: The Vinyl Collection’ Launched In Argentina


Viny Collection - Argentina

New Collection Of Queen Albums On 180g Vinyl LPs Launched In Argentina

On 12th November 2022, Latin American Partwork publisher Planeta, in association with Queen Productions Ltd. and Universal Music Group, will launch ‘Queen: The Vinyl Collection’. Featuring 25 albums, it will be available for purchase in combination with La Nación newspaper. 

Click here for the Colecciones La Nación local site. 

Available to order online here.

Queen: The Vinyl Collection

Issue by issue, ‘Queen: The Vinyl Collection’, made up of single, double and triple albums, builds into a career-spanning library of Queen’s historic album discography. With artwork overseen and designed by Queen’s art director Richard Gray, each album is presented in high-quality sleeves reprising and, in some cases, refreshing the original artwork. The specially pressed LPs appear on 180g black vinyl, with all titles mastered and cut at world-renowned Abbey Road Studios in London to achieve the best possible sound quality. 

‘Queen: The Vinyl Collection’ spans the band’s career from its first album, ‘Queen’, in 1973, through to ‘Made In Heaven’, released in 1995, which comprises Freddie’s final studio recordings and additional material from the band’s earlier studio sessions. In addition to Queen’s 15 studio albums, ‘Queen: The Vinyl Collection’ features all three classic ‘Greatest Hits’ titles (including the currently unavailable ‘Greatest Hits III’), and ‘On Air’, a collection of the band’s BBC Radio recordings. The collection is completed with six live concert albums, among them ‘Live At Wembley Stadium’ on triple LP and the long out-of-print ‘Live Killers’. This will mark the first time ‘Live Killers’ is released in LP in Argentina in full, as the original pressings omitted ‘Get Down, Make Love’ due to censorship.

Each album is accompanied by an illustrated 8-page magazine containing the stories behind the group’s renowned recordings. With notes by Queen archivist and writer Greg Brooks (in consultation with Queen publicist Phil Symes and long-time expert fan Jim Jenkins) translated into Spanish, each issue reveals fascinating details about the creation of the album, including the poignant recording sessions for the last two albums with Freddie, and the key tracks therein, and features quotes and insights from all four members of the band, as well as rare photos, record sleeves and poster art.

‘Queen: The Vinyl Collection’ is a 25-part series available in Argentina every two weeks. The first release will be ‘A Kind Of Magic’ with a retail price of $ 4.999 (Argentinian pesos). More information for local consumers will be available online here.

‘Queen: The Vinyl Collection’


#01 ‘A Kind Of Magic’ – 12th November 
#02 ‘A Night At The Opera’ – 26th November 
#03 ‘Innuendo’ (2LP) – 10th December
#04 ‘Queen’ – 24th December 
#05 ‘Queen II’ – 7th January 
#06 ‘Made In Heaven’ (2LP) – 21st January 


#07 ‘The Miracle’ – 4th February
#08 ‘Greatest Hits’ (2LP) – 18th February
#09 ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ – 4th March
#10 ‘Live Killers’ (2LP)- 18th March
#11 ‘Greatest Hits II’ (2LP) – 1st April
#12 ‘A Day At The Races’ – 15th April
#13 ‘Live At The Rainbow ’74’ (2LP) – 29th April
#14 ‘The Works’ – 13th May
#15 ‘On Fire: Live At The Bowl’ (3LP) – 27th May
#16 ‘News Of The World’ – 10th June
#17 ‘Greatest Hits III’ (2LP) – 24th June
#18 ‘The Game’ – 8th July 
#19 ‘Live At Wembley Stadium’ (3LP) – 22nd July
#20 ‘Hot Space’ – 5th August
#21 ‘Queen Rock Montreal’ (3LP) – 19th August 
#22 ‘Flash Gordon’ – 2nd September
#23 ‘A Night At The Odeon’ (2LP) – 16th September
#24 ‘Jazz’ – 30th Septmeber 
#25 ‘On Air’ (3LP) – 14th October