Queen The Greatest Live: Opening Magic (Episode 18)

Queen - Budapest 1986
Queen – Budapest 1986 – Photo © Queen Productions Ltd

“Queen The Greatest Live” The Greatest series returns with a year-long celebration of Queen Live.

A 50-week YouTube series going behind the scenes to reveal what goes into creating a Queen show, featuring moments from iconic performances and demonstrating why the band is regarded as the ultimate live act.

Queen The Greatest Live: Opening Magic (Episode 18).

Highlighting how Queen were masters at creating a set list with an explosive opening, we return to Budapest in1986, the site of one of the band’s most legendary shows, to see that in glorious action.

In the last episode, Roger and Brian both spoke about the importance of an adrenaline filled beginning to a Queen live show. The Magic Tour in 1986 is a prime example of one such explosive opening.

Re-energerised after their triumphant performance at Live Aid the previous summer of 1985, Queen determined to get back on the road and prove they still had the magic to dazzle their audiences. 

Announcing their 1986 The Magic Tour, which would see the band back on stage in the UK and across nine European countries, Roger Taylor said “I think we’re probably the best live band in the world at the moment, and we’re going to prove it. No one who comes to see us will be disappointed.” His comments would prove not to be exaggerated.

The ’86 tour would, according to Taylor, feature the most elaborate lighting set-up ever seen in a Queen show. It would also be the most ambitious (and expensive) stage production ever undertaken.

Out would go their previous show set, now drastically reworked. Now opening the show instead of the regular opener “Machines’ would come instead the band’s only single release of the previous year, “One Vision” released November 1985, which had provided them with a positive conclusion to the year, charting top 10. One Vision is followed by the show staple, “Tie Your Mother Down”.

In this episode, filmed at the band’s historic Budapest Nepstadion show, on July 27, 1986 ,we see how the band’s new set list and Roger’s promise of proving themselves the best live band in the world crystalise, as the band bombard the ecstatic audience with the first two numbers without giving them a chance to draw breath. Pure magic.

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Queen The Greatest Live: Opening Magic (Episode 18)

Next week : Queen The Greatest Live – Dragon Attack