Press Release: Brian May Rocks The Online Nation With A Live Set On Virgin Net


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Press Release: 8th June, 1998

Over 2,000 people spanning 25 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Croatia, Latvia and Brazil, logged into Virgin Net’s music chat site this week to talk to rock legend, Brian May, and hear him play their requests in live studio.

Hundreds more fans posted messages and questions on the Virgin Net Noticeboard as well as listening in on the night to hear more about Brian’s new album, “Another World”.

Unfortunately for Queen fans, he revealed that there are no plans to release any tracks that had not been released already. However, when asked for his thoughts on tribute bands he commented, “I think some of them are great, however we have to keep them at arms length – it would be very weird to be directly involved.

Bands and tunes apart, a number of fans wanted to know Brian’s personal thoughts on controversial issues such as the millennium dome and recent earth shattering events including Geri’s departure from the legendary Spice Girls. When asked what five items in the world he would put in a rubbish tip he replied, “Let’s start with the millennium dome. I don’t understand why we are building such a thing. The money could be better spent helping those who need it, such as hospitals.”

As for the Spice Girls, Brian didn’t feel he was a suitable candidate to fill Geri’s Union Jack dress but had some kind words for the band. “Well, I could learn the dance routines although I don’t really think it’s me! Good luck to them though. I feel for them and the amount of pressure they’ve had. I’ve some idea of what that’s like because I’ve been through it and it’s very difficult. It’s painful enough for Geri to want to leave and it’s painful for them all.”

Things then got a little more personal. One cheeky fan interested in Brian’s handy work with his instrument asked if he took his guitar to the bathroom with him. “No, no,” Brian responded rather quickly. “I don’t play the guitar in the bathroom for the simple reason that your fingers get soft.”

And it had to happen. Paul from Australia was curious to know whether or not Brian would be prepared to shave off his hair for charity and if so, did he think it would still be curly when it grew back. Brian looked bored. “Yes, no, no, maybe and no. However, I can say with my hand on my heart that it is natural and that’s official. So, if I were to cut it off it would definitely grow back curly. This is a comforting thought, especially when it suffers damage like when it caught fire when we played at Brixton several years ago.”

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