In a good jolly Christmas mood – Windlesham Lights switch-on [2 Dec 22] –


Santa Bri and stereo books by Eva

This has tickled me. Puts me in a good jolly Christmas mood – and that’s not easy to do ! Thanks Eva ! And thanks guys for introducing me to a new (to me) talent ! As often, I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t discover and follow this artist earlier … but… what a pleasure !

Merry Christmas Season folks … ho ho ho !!!

See what I mean ?!! Thanks Windlesham folks !!!

I always feel proud to be asked to switch on the Windlesham lights (along with my pal Amazing Grace the Hedgehog) because Christmas in Windlesham Village is all about caring for ALL the inhabitants – including our precious wild animals.

Some day all villages will be like this. Well, I can dream …


Bri and Grace The Hedgehog Windlesham Lights switch-on 3/12/22
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