Sad News – Brave young Connor loses fight for life

Connor Ruscoe and brother Taylor
Connor Ruscoe (left and little brother, Taylor

Funeral: Connor’s final journey will be on Friday 30th Aug 2003.
A church service will take at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Crewe at 2pm followed by burial at 3pm in Crewe Crematorium.
Mick (Hoole)


We are very very sad to report that this courageous youngster, vigorously supported by friends and family, and whose fund raising efforts and morale have been so boosted by the loving generosity of Lynn Carey Saylor and Brian, slipped away last night. Such a brief 5 months since a brain tumour was diagnosed.

Lynn has kindly set up a thread on her Guitar Girls Message Board, where condolences can be posted. We will continue to help the efforts of The Connor Ruscoe Trust, to celebrate and commemorate his all too short a life.

A Very Special little boy, too soon with the Angels. Our hearts go out to all who cared for him, and about him, especially his Mum, Dad and small brother, Taylor, and little sister, Maddigan.

With much love – Jen, Frank and Queen Rocks MayBe?

PS Offers of help and donation enquiries to: or to this

Ed: For an 8-year old, Connor was a promising and talented cartoonist. It is hard to take in that he finished and signed this on 26 July, less than 4 weeks ago:

Connor Ruscoe's Freddie drawing
Drawing by Cnnor Ruscoe