RIP Jerry Lee Lewis. Rock on


RIP Jerry Lee Lewis

Gutted to hear this Rock and Roll hero has left us.

A founding father of Rock music, he epitomised the gritty side of this emerging genre, a scary and anarchic figure to the older generation – our Mums and Dads. To the kids, his dangerous aura and blunt energy was a tonic – an inspiration. I got to play with him just once, at Hammersmith Odeon as it was then, in 1989.

Thanks to @iswearshesvintage for these clips.

Here you can see us all nervously watching Jerry’s every move – eager to give our best, yet concerned not to piss him off !!! Everybody got strict instructions before the show – NOBODY trespasses in front of the piano ! I think in my enthusiasm I did.

He gave me a kind of wry conspiratorial smile. Like “Hell ! Go for it buddy!” What a thrill. A moment I’ll treasure forever.

RIP Jerry Lee Lewis. Rock on