Brian and Anita at Pride of Britain Awards


Brian Man and Anita Dobson are attending the Pride of Britain Awards this evening: (Reports from Mirror and Mail)


By Alex Wynick, Chris Richards
7 October 2013

Grosvenor House, London

SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD: Dan Black who donated money raised to help him walk to a disabled boy – with Brian

Brian presents Pride of Britain Award to Dan Black
Brian May presented Special Recognition Award to Dan Black

10:33 pm

We are watching heartbreak home video of Dan’s rehabilitation as he recovered from a horrific accident, after he was knocked off his bike by a car then suffered a stroke. He heard about Brecon Vaughan, who has cerebral palsy and needed a £60,000 operation in American to help him walk again. Dan got in touch with Brecon’s family and said he wanted to donate his £22,000 to the little boy’s family.

Dan said that while Brecon had only walked for 24 second, he had walked for 24 years and that is why he wanted him to have the money. Carol says it is such an incredible thing to do. He knew the money wasn’t enough but he did it to inspire others to donate.

The camera pans to little Brecon who is in the audience with his family.

Carol reveals that he is going over to America for his operation on Thursday. Dan says it will be nice to see him walking again.

Dan’s dad says although he is sitting down in a wheelchair and can’t really see anyone, “he is a giant to me”

10:34 pm

Rock legend BRIAN MAY has arrived on stage to present Dan’s award. Brian says Dan is the reason he is there tonight. He says: “I take my hat off to you – what an amazing human being you are.”

Dan says he does not feel worthy on an award because what did “wasn’t that big a deal”.

Brian invites Dan to join the We Will Rock You cast for a day to be a VIP.

Queen guitarist Brian May spoke to the Mirror’s Ashleigh Rainbird after presenting Dan Black with his Special Recognition award – and inviting him to spend a day backstage with the “Queen family” at We Will Rock You at the Dominion theatre.

Brian, 66, said: “He’s an incredible bloke. I mean, what a lovely man. I was choked up on stage. I would like to stay with him to see what we can give him back because he’s sacrificed so much. It’s the least we could do. I’m very proud to be a part of all this tonight. It stops you in your tracks and makes you look at your life again.”

5.55PM: He’s here, rock legend Brian May has arrived. He’s going to be sitting next to his wife, ex-EastEnders actor Anita Dobson at the ceremony. Any badgers who might find themselves at the hotel tonight will be quite safe with him around.

Anita and Brian tread the Red Carpet - Pride of Britain Awards 2013
Anita and Brian tread the Red Carpet – Pride of Britain Awards 2013 – Photo Ian Volger

Dinner Time - Pride of Britain 2013

Making the show pop! Pixie Lott, Kimberley Walsh, Sarah Harding and Ashley Roberts lead the glamour at Pride Of Britain Awards 7 October 2013 by FAY STRANG

Anita and Brian Pride of Britain Red Carpet
Rock out: Anita Dobson and Brian May were on hand at the ceremony looking
their usually eclectic selves | Photo credit: David Fisher/Rex Features