A rare and precious night out in town

Brian and Anita on night out in London © Brian May
Brian and Anita on night out in London © Brian May

A rare and precious night out in town for these Old Folks On The Hill. At one of our old favourite haunts.

I know I’m something of a stranger at the moment, dear pals. Apologies. I suppose at times like this, these days I find it takes all my concentration to LIVE life, without trying to post it as well. But I’ll be back.

Meanwhile I hope you’re OK out there, and finding fulfilment. Sometimes it’s the small achievements that keep us going. Right ?

And how was my day ? This morning, ever on the trail of improving the lives of Wild Animals, we filmed – with the amazing Anne Brummer  a pilot for a potential TV series based on the work of Save-Me and Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue.

Then I did some editorial work on a new stereoscopic book for the LSC – with our also amazing photohistorian Denis Pellerin.

And tonight, supporting my amazing Lady Wife, I was lucky enough to see a private preview of the new series of Dr Who – in which Anita’s portrayal of the enigmatic Mrs Flood is turning heads. I’m very proud of her – and proud of the fact that everybody loves working with her. So here, in the picture, we’re grabbing a moment at the end of a busy day to enjoy a drink and a bit of supper.  Then a pretty long drive home, because we’re not Londoners any more – we’re country folk, and most of our neighbours are wild animals.

Tonight my last job will be to do some guitar playing – to improve my grasp of the tunes I will soon be playing with my friend Jean-Michel Jarre, live in Bratislava for the STARMUS EARTH Festival. But also to harden up my finger ends so I can give the performance my all on the night.

Painful fingers are really not helpful when you’re trying to lose yourself in a moment of guitar-speak. So I’m putting in the work every day. And tomorrow is another day !

Take care out there ! As my childhood hero Dan Dare used to say, “Where there’s life, there’s hope” !

Cheers Folks !