Queen guitarist Brian May to head to the Forest of Dean to join badger cull patrol



14 September 2014

Brian with badger patrol 201
Queen guitarist Brian May will visit Newent on Monday to protest against the second pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire.

The rock star and the Save Me Trust will visit the Gloucester cull zone on Monday arriving in Newent mid afternoon, and then be in Somerset on Tuesday to visit Camp Badger.

The visits are to show May and the Save Me Trust’s support for the wounded badger patrols operating in these two areas.

A statement issued by May and the Save Me Trust ahead of their visit said “We rescue and rehabilitate wildlife at our head quarters in Surrey and know only too well of the pain badgers can suffer at the hand of humans.

“It is fantastic that these people are out at night to patrol and take care of any wounded badgers.

“Badgers are very intelligent with the same emotional level and pain capacity as our very own pet dogs. Many of the wounded will be cubs just a few months old and we wanted to say thank you to these amazing people who are protecting them. “

We spent some time down there last year to meet the night walkers who give up their sleep, work and time to care for our wildlife. Their dedication is inspiring. A

spokesman for Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS), a member of the Team Badger coalition, said “We are delighted to welcome Brian May back to support us on patrol in the cull zone. “Ultimately whatever our efforts in the media and in the courts, it all comes down to boots on the ground.  That’s why we and all the other groups and individuals involved are out every night, saving every badger we can from this pointless, irrational slaughter.”