Brian May Talks to NME on the Foo Fighters


Brian was interviewed by NME – the Foo Fighters being the cover feature in this week’s NME magazine.

Brian May: ‘Foo Fighters Are Dangerous’ –

Brian May explains why Queen are very ‘spiritually close’ to Foo Fighters and what he loves about the band. Check out this week’s NME magazine for a full-length cover interview.

Of the Foo Fighters, Brian said:

“They’re dangerous. You know, they’re danger and I think that’s great.

They’re very unusual. You know, its riff based music but very melodic as well and Dave Grohl screaming melodies at you. The whole band is very accomplished and they have this kind of similar spirit to what we had and what we have I suppose.

They’re very good friends. You know, is a very old friend, and he’s very inspiring to me, because I sort of see a mirror in Taylor Hawkins to what what we were and what we are, I suppose.

And I think you come up against it the whole time, you know it’s like when the question comes up, ‘Do you wanna tour again?’, you think, ‘Ah, my God. I have my life. It’s fairly peaceful. I have everything that I need. I wanna be with my family’ etc. etc. But the call of the wild is there and you think, ‘Okay, this is actually what we do. We do play music. We go out. We take risks. We play without a safety net.’ And the Foo Fighters are exactly that. That’s what we always come back to. So we feel very close, spiritually, to the Foo Fighters.”