Brian May interview with Nicky Horne – Pt 2


TeamRock’s Nicky Horne spoke to Brian May recently about the recording of” Let Me In Your Heart Again”, originally recorded during the sessions for the band’s 1984 album “The Works”. A William Orbit mix of the track was released in November.

“We’d almost finished the track but abandoned it because we didn’t think the key worked,” says May. “I didn’t even know if we had a complete take that would work as a finished track. We also had two versions of a middle eight that were completely different, and we had it recorded in different keys, because we weren’t sure where to pitch it for Freddie’s Voice. He liked a challenge, but there were occasions where he’d say, ‘you make it so hard for me!’. But I got it all out, and there was enough to make a complete jigsaw.”

Nicky Horne meets… Queen’s Brian May: Part 2 | Classic Rock MagazineOn the recording of “Let Me In Your Heart Again”

Part 2 of Nicky Horne’s reent interview with Brian May. (See Part 1 below.}

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