Ultimate Guitar Showdown, Round 2: Robert Fripp vs Brian May


Robert Fripp v Brian May

Brian is now paired with King Crimson’s Robert Fripp in Round 2 of Ultimate Guitar Showdown.

They provide the six-string bits for two fairly different bands, yet they are bonded together by being very unique players. Quite recognizable and experimental, they’re about to kick off a memorable clash we hope.

In the left corner is Mr. Fripp, the man who in many ways singlehandedly invented the prog rock genre, and that’s no mean feat. To get here he defeated Adam Jones of Tool in the first round. Give it up for the man!

In the right corner, we have a man wielding a chunk of fireplace known as the Red Special. Apparently he eats prog masters for breakfast, as he bested Dream Theater’s John Petrucci to reach phase two. Let’s hear you!

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The voting ends on January 28 at 11:59 PM EST. The next pair will be here on January 29. And may the finest axe-wielder win!