Tony Iommi and Brian May formed a Stargazing Supergroup in Birmingham


26 January 2015 12:28 By Luke Beardsworth, Marc Reeves

Tony Iommi and Brian May shared a dinner and a spot of stargazing. Brummie guitar legend Tony Iommi has revealed how he and fellow rock god Brian May went stargazing together in the Sabbath star’s back garden in Lapworth.

Iommi said: “I’ve been mates with Brian for more than 40 years and he and his missus came over for dinner while he was in town for the Queen show at the NIA.”

May and Iommi were guitarists for two of the biggest bands of the seventies, but May is almost as well known for his internationally renowned work in astrophysics. He gained a PhD in 2007, and has written several respected books and research papers on the subject. He’s used to the finest star gazing equipment money can buy, but had to make do with something more basic when he popped round to pal Iommi’s house.

Iommi said: “We were having a nice meal and a chat when Brian said something like ‘crikey – it’s 10 O’clock – I need to go outside’. He said there was a comet coming over and he wanted to have a look so we went outside but all I had was an old pair of binoculars. Even then he told me to turn all the house and garden lights off because they were affecting the view. That was a right pain because I had go all over the house finding the switches.”

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Tony and Maria Iommi, Brian May and PA

Brian May, PA, Maria and Tony Iommi