Brian May’s thoughts on Election result: ITV “Good Morning Britain:


Brian May ITV ‘Good Morning Britain’ following General Election 8 May 2015

Transcript Jen Tunney

BEN SHEPHARD – Presenter (to Brian): This end of the table, we’re a little bit grumpy. Brian, frustrated by the results?

BRIAN MAY: I’m very sad, but the part of me that’s Scottish is rejoicing because I think the Scots have taken a giant step further towards escaping the tyranny of Westminster.

What makes me sad as the part of me that’s English is that we’re going back into that tyranny and it’s a disaster for wildlife. There’s no question of that. I think it’s a disaster for the poor, the National Health Service, and I’m finding it hard to be positive.

BEN: Now that is only water, isn’t it?…

BEN: I know, Brian, you’re commiserating as well, ‘cos it wouldn’t go your way, but appreciate your coming along and sharing your thoughts.

BRIAN: It didn’t go the animals’ way, that’s for sure…. We have a government who will bring back fox hunting and will continue slaughtering badgers, so that’s what you voted for.

Brian May - Good Morning Britain