Brian May (Ivors): “Young people can transform politics”


Queen’s Brian May On How Young People Can Transform Politics

Transcript Jen Tunney

BRIAN MAY: I think pursuit of the truth it vital. You know, you have to be very aware that what you see in the newspapers is probably not true. So where do you go for your truth? So you have to really sort out, you know, what is really going on rather than what you’re being told is going on. I think young people are rather good at that.

I was a little disappointed that the internet didn’t have more effect on the election. I think the next one it definitely will, because people will be able to circumvent all the propaganda.

I think it’s vitally important for people to know that most of the information that’s coming to them by the way of front pages of newspapers is manipulative – is basically lies.

And so once you get past that you start to know what’s really happening in government and we all need to be aware of what’s happening in government. It’s not something up there and doesn’t affect us. It affects us every day of our lives.

Not somehting up there
Brian: “It’s not something up there and doesn’t affect us.”

I wasn’t very good at it as a kid, so I’m saying, you know, I’ve done a lot of lecturing in recent weeks in universities and I feel that the young people are very much more aware than we were and we can look to the young people to change things for the better.”