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Brian May made a debut appearance on BBC Question Time debate programme tonight, televised from Uxbridge.

Question Time 14 May 2015 – Brian May on Panel and 

0.24: BRIAN MAY (to Nigel Farage)

“I don’t have a problem with you changing your mind about resigning. I think it happens a lot. People resign, you know, and it’s the gentlemanly thing to do in a sense, and people don’t want to reject who believe in you. I didn’t think I’d be supporting Nigel Farage, but I’ll support that.

What I don’t like, in common with Jeremy here, is this kind of insults approach in politics and I think that’s what we need to get rid of. It’s a real shame that people in your party adopted, you know, ‘snarling, aggressive’, whatever. Let’s look at the positive side. This kind of negative campaigning is really damaging British politics, and that’s part of the reason people don’t believe in politicians anymore. So, I’m with you.”

Also Question Time featured on BBC One late night rolling news:

BBC One News (15 May 2015)

Jeremy Hunt and Brian May - Question Time
Fellow panelists: Jeremy Hunt and Brian May

BRIAN: [If Cameron’s not scared of backbenchers] why is he so keen to have a referendum on EU, and not on, say, fox-hunting?

Brian May on Question Time
Brian May
Question Time panel
Question Time panel

Brian May on Question Time