Asteroid Day 2015 was a huge success but the work continues


Asteroid Day Panel - London

Dear Asteroid Day Supporter,

Six days ago we marked the first ever Asteroid Day. It has taken us till the end of last week to digest all that we accomplished and I am still shocked and amazed by the incredible support and excitement we were able to generate. We engaged Millions of people, both online and at over One hundred events across the globe. I am genuinely happy with most of the media coverage and the overall tone was fantastic, very little doom and gloom and many positive and constructive thoughts.

After all, the asteroid problem is one which we can solve, the question is simple: Do we care enough about our wonderful blue Planet that we want to protect it or do we ignore this potential threat and hope that it’ll go away by itself? – Which it won’t!

Asteroid awareness needs to go beyond June 30th and we are currently developing #TeamAsteroid which will keep the conversation alive every day of the year. Dr. Brian May actually coined this term during a recent interview with the Guardian which you can watch, here.

Please don’t forget, Asteroid Day is not about spreading panic, there is currently no asteroid on a collision course with Earth that we are aware of… Asteroid Day is about raising awareness, it is about understanding the threat and increasing our detection capabilities so that we can see the objects before it’s too late to deflect them. I believe that we must put this on our list of top priorities, we must strive to support those incredible men and women dedicated to keeping us safe from asteroids. We need to increase funding and keep the dialogue alive.

I also want to make clear that asteroids can affect any one of us and the meteor which exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia two years ago could be considered a warning shot from space – this isn’t a one nation problem.

I will devote myself to Asteroid Day for the next 12 months, however, since we are a very small (but dedicated) team, please get in touch and help if you can:

I hope that you will join us in raising awareness and please keep spreading the word!

Let’s do it!