Today is Asteroid Day !!! – Noctilucent Clouds ?



Today is ASTEROID DAY !!! This is Bennu – an asteroid in “Near Earth” orbit. Stereos:


Bennu - parallel


ennu - cross-eyed

But not so near that it could impact our planet. However there are literally millions of asteroids out there. They are not all charged yet. So is there a possibility one could hit us ? YES. So the CorinaVirus pandemic is not the only tragedy that could overtake the Human Race. ASTEROID DAY is all about getting mankind prepared for such an emergency – or avoiding it.

YOU CAN HELP ! Please visit to learn about #asteroids, and participate in this #UN day of education and awareness.

ARROKOTH – the stereoscopic movie !

ARROKOTH the stereoscopic movie [30 June 2020 post]

This incredible movie of the most distant object ever photographed – by the NASA new Horizons mission – was made by Roman Tkachenko – and this 3-D version was created from it by Claudia Manzoni. Arrokoth is a rock in the remote Kuiper Belt some 4 billion miles from Earth. Formerly known as Ultima Thule , or 2014 MU69. Beauty ! Truly awesome !!

Noctilucent Clouds ?

Noctilucent Clouds ?

Well, this isn’t the photo I was hoping for ! But my dear pal Jamie Cooper has just alerted me to the fact that they are VISIBLE RIGHT NOW !!! Unfortunately, while he has clear skies, I have clouds – but there is just a hint here that the unearthly light of the NLC’s is shining up there behind my rain clouds. YOU MAY BE LUCKIER THAN I !! Have a look right now and post your pics with noctilucent clouds  —- Good Luck !

UPDATE ! Looking at the weather patterns on SAT24, it looks as if you are in luck if you are in Wales or Devon or Cornwall right now. I might just be in luck in London in half an hour or so. I’ll let you know !