Brian May’s cat problem ???


2 September 2015

Opposite: Brian May and Anita Dobson

Brian May is being plagued by stray cats. The Queen guitarist and his actress wife Anita Dobson would like to relax and unwind in their garden shed at home, but are prevented from doing so because the property has been completely over-run by homeless cats. [EXAGGERATION HERE] !!!

Asked whether she’d like to own a so-called ‘she-shed’ – a women-only space where she can escape everyday stresses – during her guest panelist appearance on ‘Loose Women’, Anita explained: “I think I’d rather have a house. We do have a shed in our garden, but mostly stray pussy cats live in there from time to time.”

Despite their maddening moggie invasion, Anita revealed that when she and Brian want peace for the pussies they each have a space at home where they can indulge in their personal pleasures. The former ‘EastEnders’ star explained: “In my house I have a little place that I call my own and Brian has his little place that he calls his own. So I don’t really think I’d want to go into the garden and then go somewhere else. I like everything being under the one roof.”

The revelation comes shortly after Brian – an astrophysicist and a noted environmentalist as well as a rock legend – pledged to challenge the UK government’s decision to press ahead with a new badger cull.

The 68-year-old musician is to file an official complaint about the cull through the Save Me Trust, the non-profit organization he founded to help protect wildlife.

Brian recently said: “We are all hugely disappointed that the government has decided to continue its cull policy, despite Natural England’s scientific advisor branding the badger cull ‘an epic failure’.”