Brian May to feature in ‘Life Atr Flash’ Documentary



Sam Jones and Hawkman
Sam Jones and Hawkman

‘Life After Flash’: AMP Intl Jets To Doc On 1980 ‘Flash Gordon’ Pic – Berlin

31 January 2018 by Nancy Tartaglione

EXCLUSIVE: London-based sales and financing outfit AMP International has boarded global sales on Life After Flash, a documentary that chronicles the making of 1980 cult sci-fi pic, Flash Gordon. Directed by Lisa Downs, the film also explores the life of the savior of the universe himself, Sam J. Jones, and the aftermath of the clash the hot-headed young star had with producer Dino De Laurentiis. AMP will screen footage at the EFM in Berlin next month.

Life After Flash features behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Jones and co-stars Melody Anderson, Topol, Deep Roy and the late Peter Wyngarde as they discuss the film’s legacy. It’s billed as a celebration of the Mike Hodges-directed movie that grew to cult classic status over the years — Jones memorably appeared as himself in Seth MacFarlane’s 2012 hit Ted. Also featured in the doc is Brian May of Queen, the iconic band behind the soundtrack.

James Norrie, Director of Global Sales and Acquisitions at AMP, says the film is “a glorious trip down memory lane, as well as a fascinating and as-yet untold cautionary tale. It’s going to be a treat to bring this gem to market.”

Director Downs adds, “Flash Gordon is a film that affected me on so many levels. The characters transformed my life as a child, when the magic of movies was not just limited to the big screen, but unknowingly grew to be a part of me. I hope to transport the audience back to that moment when they felt the magic for the first time, and through Sam’s story hope to inspire, move, and surprise.” Life After Flash world premieres in early April at the Chattanooga Film Festival.

The doc is a Spare Change Films production in association with Strict Machine and produced by Downs and Ashley Pugh. Executive producers are Jones, Aleksandar Smiljanic and Matt Pasant.