Album with Tony Iommi still on the table



Guitar World Magazine interviewed Tony Iommi recently. FULL INTERVIEW
29 November by Brad Tolinski
(Additional reporting UltimateGuitar)

Speaking of Brian May, Tony noted that collaboration record with the Queen guitar master is still on table, saying:

“We talked abou it when he came over the house a couple months ago. I’d like to do only things that I really enjoy now, and that would be one of them…. We’ve talked about it. Who knows?

He also revealed why Black Sabbath never hired a rhythm guitarist:

“I worked with a rhythm player in one of my early bands with Bill Ward. It sounded good, but I also felt it confused things. No guitarist plays the same way, and those differences can clash. When I worked with other guitarists in those days, I always felt certain things sounded odd or didn’t mesh, so I decided on keeping Sabbath a four-piece. Over the years, however, I’ve played with other players, and had great experiences. When I jam with Brian May, for example, it works. We’re on the same wavelength and we sort of understand and respect each other.