Queen’s Brian May reveals book of NASA Apollo Space Photos “Mission Moon 3-D”


Mission Moon 3-D


Astronomy and Cosmology

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16 Oct 2018 by By TERRI-ANN WILLIAMS

Queen’s Brian May reveals book of Nasa Apollo space photos including Buzz Aldrin’s out of this world selfie and a rare snap of Neil Armstrong on the Moon

– Mission Moon 3-D aims to help readers relive the space race through images of the events leading to 1969
– The collection is the largest-ever of stereo photos of the Apollo program, with over 150 unique views
– The book touches upon the human interest story, exploring the mindsets of the astronauts and cosmonauts

Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May has released a new book that reveals what Neil Armstrong saw when he became the first person on the moon.

A range of spectacular images from the first ever moonwalk, including previously unreleased photos, will allow the reader to get a first-hand look at the lunar landscape.”The new book, called Mission Moon 3-D, aims to help readers relive the great space race with a beautifully illustrated journey through the events which led up to Apollo 11’s lunar landing in July 1969.


See also new website: http://www.missionmoon3-d.com

Mission Moon - surface image

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