Nine Funko Pop Brians!!


Check out John Seabaugh’s brilliant collection of Brian May Funko POP figures:

Writes John:

“We need more versions of Brian May/Queen Pops! Haha. I made myself a Dr Brian May figure! I’m trying to encourage fans to customise their figure towards some of their favorite Queen/BM moments.Here is my Brian May Funko collection! (So far!) My favorites are Bri from “the Works” tour, and the one from the video of “We Will Rock You!” I’m proud of these! Check ‘em out if you can.”

[Shared here with permission – thanks John]

READERS…. why not have a go at your own version?

The Brian May Funko Pop Project – My Dr Brian May Mod

Queen Customized Brian May Funko Pop Collection

Funko Brian figure

Two WWRY Funko Brian figures by John Seabaugh

Nine Brian Funko Pop figures - by John Seabaugh