Timeless clock – Custom Funko Pop Bri – Def Leppard


A timeless clock, I thought. I hope you have time, dear folks.

Timeless clock

Thanks @charlyragdoll for a perfect custom paint-job !!! – I think you can go into business !!! Folks – if you want one of these, you will have to ask Charly – or petition Funko to make these officially! 

Charlyragdoll Bri doll

And in perfect stereo too !

Charlyragdoll Bri - stereo

YES !! I will be inducting the fabulous Def Leppard musical group at the Hall of Fame ceremony this coming Friday in Brooklyn, New York.

We go back ! These photos show how far ! The first one is when we first met, in 1983, at their epic debut shows at The Forum, Los Angeles. I make that a good 35 years ago. Since then, the boys have done quite well! second shot is (I think ) in Las Vegas last year. Third is Joe and I rehearsing for the Freddie tribute show at Wembley Stadium, 1992. And the last pair are recent – me playing to open the Oscars 2019, and Joe on tour in the USA. I’m happy I got the chance to honour them.

Def Leppard 01

Def Leppard 02

Def Leppard 03 - Joe and Brian

Def Leppard 04 - Joe and Brian


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