Brian in Wisebuddah Studios


Brian was at Wisebuddah Studios today.

He was recording for a special programme with him talking about his 1969, the year of the moon landing.

Brian May trailers BBC R2 20th July Space Programme (commemorating Moon Landing and talking about his 1969)

Hi, this is Bri speaking to ya’.

I am in Wisebuddah Studios, recording the Radio 2 Special, which will be transmitted July 20th this year. What’s so special about July 20th?

50 years ago in 1969, Man first walked on the Moon. Two men walked on the Moon, and this programme is about commemorating what was going on in that year – a year of incredible cultural change – a year of incredible musical innovation – and a whole atmosphere of striving for peace.

And I will bring it all to you, July 20th. Tune in. Radio 2 and you will see the Space Race and the world in 1969.