Press Release: Brian May to take Mission Moon 3-D to Starmus in Zurich


Brian May and David Eicher

Co-authors Brian May and David Eicher present the first book on the space race in 3-D, at Starmus, “Mission Moon 3-D: Reliving the Great Space Race”, published by The London Stereoscopic Company for the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

Dr. Brian May, the legendary Queen guitarist and PhD astrophysicist, and David Eicher, Editor of Astronomy Magazine, will appear at STARMUS V, in Zurich, at Samsung Hall to present their book, “MISSION MOON 3-D: Reliving the Great Space Race.”

“The experience of this book is as close to being there on the Moon’s surface as it’s possible to get for Earth-bound creatures like us,”
Charlie Duke.

“It’s brilliant! I love the stereoscopic imagery and it beautifully documents such an exciting era of space exploration.”
Tim Peake

Mission Moon 3-D takes readers on a skillfully narrated and beautifully illustrated journey through the events which led up to Apollo 11’s lunar landing in July 1969 when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people to walk on the face of the Moon. At Starmus, Brian and David Eicher will reveal the captivating stereoscopic images, that feature in the book, using a cutting edge new 3-D projection system and the audience ill see them come to life through high quality 3-D glasses. The duo shall take them on a mesmerising journey whilst providing fascinating insight into the imagery.

The Mission Moon archive team delved deeper than deep into the NASA archives and Russian sources to obtain the most captivating historic images (many previously unseen) to bring the incredible Apollo adventures of the past to life in the present. This is the first time that the story of the space race has been captured in stereo (3-D) and it presents the largest-ever collection of stereo photos of the Apollo program, with over 150 unique views altogether. The 3-D imagery will enable readers, and now Starmus festival-goers, to venture to the Moon and back. As with all titles published by Brian May’s fine arts publishing company, The London Stereoscopic Company, Mission Moon 3-D comes with a Lite Owl, a slick state of the art 3-D viewer designed by Brian May.

Mission Moon 3-D also a new perspective on the space race. The narrative differs from other texts in its exploration of events from both sides (the United States and the Soviet Union). Eicher and May unearth fascinating new stories of the astronauts and investigate in detail the scientific results of each mission, whilst celebrating glorious moments in space. The book explores the human interest story – the extraordinary mindsets of these rare and brave individuals and how friendships developed among the astronauts and cosmonauts as the space race matured. Powerful first-hand accounts from the few remaining Apollo astronauts including Charlie Duke and Jim Lovell, provide an intimate insight into unimaginable experiences.

What also sets the book apart from other texts on the subject is May’s rock ‘n’ roll twist — a unique social and musical narrative accompanies the space race story, following events in the 60s and beyond that transformed the world: Vietnam, Woodstock, the growing social momentum of rock ‘n’ roll, Live Aid, and more. Mission Moon 3-D serves as a tribute to the heroic astronauts who ventured into the unknown, publishing to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

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WHERE: SAMSUNG HALL, Hoffnigstrasse 1, Dubendorf · 8600 Zurich


WHEN: JUNE 26TH – 16:30pm

Program official opening of the Starmus Festival, Monday, June 24, 2019