Toni Iommi – New music with Brian May…



Brian’s pal, Tony Iommi, in an intervie with Guitar World, touched on prospect of putting out new music. He meets up with Brian May regularly, and they have been talking about and experimenting for some time…

Tony Iommi and Brian May, Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert 1992
Tony Iommi and Brian May, Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert 1992

Tony Iommi: “I’ve got hundreds of riffs – new music is going to happen”
28 May 2020 by Richard Bienstock


We took the opportunity to inquire about current goings-on in his musical universe, from the possibility of new music… to his long-standing relationship with another British rock golden god, Brian May.

GW: Do you have an idea of how you’d like to present this new music? A solo album? Or perhaps a band format?

“I might do some stuff for films or for a TV series or something. I’d like to just get everything down and then decide if I’m going to have a singer or what else. But I’ve got hundreds of riffs. Brian May came over a few months ago and we sat outside and I was playing him some of them. And he said, ‘You’ve got to do something with these – we’ve got to do something with these.’ 

“Because we’ve talked about putting some stuff down. So I gave him three or four CDs full of riffs and he took off with them. And you know, he’s busy with Queen stuff all the time. But when the time is right, I suppose we will do something.

GW: The possibility of you and Brian working together is another rumor that’s been going around for years.

“Yeah, the rumor has been around for years! And we have been talking about it. Every time we get together we go, ‘We must do that…’ But it’s about getting the time to do it. So it’s just a matter of making a plan.”